Cute Baby Names

A collection of cute baby names including names that are uncommon, rare and unique. Naming your newborn will be one of the most important decisions you will make, as the name will be with your child for their entire life. Discover cute names for your new baby girl or baby boy. Choosing a name can be a exciting and challenging. Use our list for to help you select a name.

Read our poems, new baby sayings and inspirational quotes. The question you are asked most often is, “what are you going to name the baby”. We hope our site helps you choose a name that suits your new little one. We update the site on a regular basis, bookmark us and visit again!

So often, new parents choose a trendy new name for their infant, only to discover that the name is very common and when their children go to school there are numerous other children with similar names. Your child is unique; there is no other child that is similar. By giving your newborn a unique, cute name you are giving them an identity of a special person, a one of a kind type of individual.

Some Boy Names:

  1. Abe, Amadeo,
  2. Ari,
  3. Armand,
  4. Barack,
  5. Barrett,
  6. Benten,
  7. Burke,
  8. Cole,
  9. Danton,
  10. Desmond,
  11. Ellery,
  12. Ellison,
  13. Emmett,
  14. Gabe,
  15. Garrick,
  16. Grady,
  17. Hadrian,
  18. Julian,
  19. Lamar,
  20. Logan,
  21. Mack,
  22. Mason,
  23. Nash,
  24. Nathaniel,
  25. Nolan,
  26. Orrin,
  27. Quetin,
  28. Rory,
  29. Tie,
  30. Wadell,
  31. Wyatt,
  32. Zell

Some Girl Names:

  1. Abrielle,
  2. Acacia,
  3. Azalea,
  4. Basil, Bella,
  5. Blake,
  6. Blythe,
  7. Brenna,
  8. Carter,
  9. Celeste,
  10. Galen,
  11. Isra,
  12. Janaye,
  13. Kareem,
  14. Laurent,
  15. Levite,
  16. Likibet,
  17. Lisel,
  18. Lucien,
  19. Magnue,
  20. Mai,
  21. Marva,
  22. Melenea,
  23. Nadia,
  24. Nadine,
  25. Quinn,
  26. Rania,
  27. Reeve,
  28. Sabrina,
  29. Selma,
  30. Sigrid,
  31. Sydney,
  32. Wylie

Some parents want names that cannot be shortened, they do not want a nickname for their child. You can take a name from our list and shorted the name so your child should not be nicknamed. An example, Brenna, you may want to shorten the name to Bren or Bree. A one-syllable name usually is not nicknamed. In the end pick the name that feels right to you and your partner!

And, it is not just the new baby’s name that can be a challenge. What will you, the parents be called. Or, what about the grandparents? There are many different versions, and there certainly are many nicknames for grandmothers and for grandfathers that you will also find yourself considering. However, the most important name is the name of the newborn once that is decided then the other names can be determined. We hope you find a cute name for your new baby, and then you can find a cute name for the grandparents!