Baby Boy Names

Use our baby boy name list for suggestions for that perfect name for your new son. You will find very common names, like Paul, Doug, Sam, and, you will find very unique names like Whalen, Bram, Galen. Whether you rare looking for a unique boys name or a common boys name we hope you find it here. There are many different names from you to choose from. Some of the male child names are traditional names and others are not so common. Choosing that right name for your new son is one of the most important tasks you will have. Your lad will carry that name with him for the rest of his life, so take your time, make a list of the names you like.

Once you have your list of names some of the things you may want to consider are:

  • can the name be shorten, do you want a nickname
  • what do the initials of your boys full name, spell
  • is it a name that you would want as an adult man
  • is it a common name that everyone will have when he is attending school
  • is it a name that is easily spelled
  • does the name have meaning to you, do you and your spouse both like the name?

There are many considerations for finding that perfect name for your new son. Another method that is sometimes used is writing down your name, your spouse’s name, your surname and then taking letters from each of these names to create your own unique baby boy name. The famous poem about little boys is one that we all know, “What are little boys, made of? Frogs and snails, and puppy dog tails, that’s what little boys, are made of.” When picking a name keep in mind your baby may be a boy, however, your baby boy is unique!

We hope you enjoy our baby boy names and you find a name that is perfect for your son!

Baby Boy Names List

  1. Alexis,
  2. Allen,
  3. Andrew,
  4. Anthony,
  5. Arthur,
  6. Ben,
  7. Brian,
  8. Buster,
  9. Charles,
  10. Claude,
  11. Conrad,
  12. Dallas,
  13. Dave,
  14. David,
  15. Denis,
  16. Drew,
  17. Earl,
  18. Edward,
  19. Elliot,
  20. Eugene,
  21. Evan,
  22. Garrett,
  23. Garrison,
  24. Gary,
  25. Geoffrey,
  26. George,
  27. Gordon,
  28. Graham,
  29. Harris,
  30. Harry,
  31. Henry,
  32. Herman,
  33. Jake,
  34. Jason,
  35. Jeremy,
  36. Jonathan,
  37. Josh,
  38. Justin,
  39. Kevin,
  40. Kurt,
  41. Kyle,
  42. Loius,
  43. Michel,
  44. Mike,
  45. Nicholas,
  46. Nicolas,
  47. Nigel,
  48. Norman,
  49. Patrick,
  50. Pierre,
  51. Rene,
  52. Rob,
  53. Roger,
  54. Roland,
  55. Ryan,
  56. Ryne,
  57. Sabastien,
  58. Sheldon,
  59. Thomas,
  60. Tom,
  61. Tyler,
  62. Vincent,
  63. Wade,
  64. Wayne,
  65. Wesley, William

As we find more resources and names we will add them to our list. One useful resource you may enjoy: Simply Unique Baby Gifts Check back often for updated baby boy names. And we leave you with a quote by Maya Angelou that we hope will be a reflection of how you will feel about your new baby boy: “If I have a monument in this world, it is my son.”