The Bashkir language belongs to the Turkic language family. Bashkir names are in many ways similar to Tatar names. They include Arabic, originally Turkic, Arabic calcareous and other names, as well as new names formed from original “usual” Turkic words and borrowings. Of all that, the present list includes only those that are now firmly established as national names of the Bashkir people. Since the proposed list is of a recommendatory nature, it was necessary to refrain from including names that were not widely spread and recognized.

The Russian spelling of names is based on the established practice of passing Bashkir names. To a certain extent, the new trends in the writing of female names, which have emerged in recent years and contain the sound of e. This allowed to bring the Russian spelling of a number of names closer to the Bashkir one.

The list offered to the reader does not pretend to resolve controversial issues related to the diversity in the pronunciation and spelling of a number of Bashkir names, but only gives some recommendations. Such questions can be solved only on the basis of an in-depth study of phonetic norms of the modern Bashkir literary language in their relation to dialects and tales, which has not been done yet.

Bashkir baby boy names

Abuzar Aglyam Adigam Azger Akmal Akram Al”taf Amin Amir Anvar Asgat Askar Avhadi Ahiyar Ahmer Ahmar Ahmet Ahnaf Ahnef Ahsan Ahtyam Ahtar Ahat Ayup Agish Azamat Azat Ajbulat Ajdar Ajrat…

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Bashkir baby girl names

Ajbika Ajgul’ Ajsylu Aksylu Almabika Alsyu Asiya Aklima Al’fiya Amina Anisa Asima Asma Asylbika Badiyan Banat Banu Bibinur Bibisara Bika Badar Balhiya Bagiya Vazifa Vafira Vafiya Vekira Valima Valiya Vasima…

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