Filipino baby boy names

  1. Aaron
  2. Adrian – a popular name meaning “sea” or “water.”
  3. Abraham – father of nation
  4. Adan – first man on earth
  5. Ace
  6. Adonis – extremely good looking
  7. Agapito -loved
  8. Akio – bright man
  9. Alejandro – helper of mankind
  10. Alex – defender of men
  11. Albert / Alberto – noble and bright
  12. Allen
  13. Alon – a unique Filipino baby boy name which means “waves.” Also a short form of Alfonzo and Alphonso.
  14. Andrei
  15. Andres
  16. Angelito – little angel
  17. Angelo – messenger of God
  18. Antonio – a widely used and traditional baby boy name which means “worthy of praise and value.”
  19. Araw – sun
  20. Arnold – a name derived from an old German name that means eagle power.
  21. Asterio – star
  22. Axel
  23. Bagani – warrior
  24. Bagwis – a unique Filipino baby boy name which means “long feather.”
  25. Bailey
  26. Bayani – an old Filipino baby boy name which means “hero.”
  27. Ben
  28. Benigno – kind
  29. Bien – good
  30. Benjie – a Tagalog variant of the name Benjamin that means “son of the right hand, son of the south and son of luck.”
  31. Blaise
  32. Blue
  33. Bulan – In Filipino folklore, Bulan is the deity of the moon.
  34. Calag – soul
  35. Caleb
  36. Calvin
  37. Caesar/Cesar – derived from the Latin name Caesar which means “long-haired.”
  38. Carlo – a famous name with French origin that means “strong.”
  39. Chase
  40. Chuck
  41. Christian – a popular baby boy name that means “follower of Christ.”
  42. Christopher – a popular baby boy name which means “carrier of Christ.”
  43. Crisanto – a traditional name which means “golden flower.”
  44. Crispin – curly hair
  45. Cyrus
  46. Dakila – a unique Filipino baby boy name that means “big and great.”
  47. Danilo – a traditional baby boy name and a Tagalog variant of the name Daniel that means “God is my judge.”
  48. Dante
  49. Darwin
  50. Datu – a unique Filipino baby boy name that means “chief.”
  51. David – another popular baby boy name which means “beloved.”
  52. Diego – a traditional baby boy name which means “he who replaces.”
  53. Drew – Manly
  54. Donato – giver
  55. Dos – two
  56. Earl – Nobleman
  57. Edmund/Edmond
  58. Edward – a popular name which means “rich guard.”
  59. Efren – a Spanish variant of the name Ephraim which means “fertile and fruitful.”
  60. Eli
  61. Emmanuel – God is with us
  62. Enrique
  63. Enzo
  64. Erik/Eric – a popular baby boy name all over the world which means “eternal ruler” or “honorable king.”
  65. Esteban – crown
  66. Ethan – strong
  67. Ezekiel
  68. Felix – happy
  69. Francisco / Francis – free
  70. Franco
  71. Gabriel – a popular name meaning “God is my strength.”
  72. Genesis – a Hebrew name which means “beginning.”
  73. Gian – an Italian name that means “God is gracious.”
  74. Gio
  75. Graham
  76. Gregory – comes from the Latin name Gregorious, that means “watchful or alert.”
  77. Hari – King
  78. Hayden – an English name for baby boys, which is a variant of Haydn thatmeans “heathen.”
  79. Honesto – an old Filipino baby boy name that means “honest.”
  80. Homobono: – a unique Filipino baby boy name that comes from a Hispanic origin which means “good man.”
  81. Hugo – intelligent
  82. Ian
  83. Iñigo
  84. Ion
  85. Isaac
  86. Isagani – an old Filipino baby boy name that means “a rich, bountiful harvest.”
  87. Isaiah – another Hebrew name for Filipino baby boy that means, “Yahweh is salvation.”
  88. Ivan
  89. Isko – an old Filipino name that is also the shortened version of the name Francisco which means “free one.”
  90. Jack
  91. Jared – descendant
  92. Jason – healer
  93. Javier
  94. Jayden – thankful
  95. Jericho
  96. John – God is gracious
  97. Jejomar – a Filipino baby boy name that is a combination of the names Joseph and Mary.
  98. Jerome – another popular name that means “sacred name.
  99. Jomari – also combination of the names Joseph and Mary, the parents of Jesus.
  100. Jose – a traditional and popular name that means “He (God) will add.”
  101. Joselito – an old Filipino baby boy name and a variation of the name Joseph.
  102. Joseph – a Hebrew name that means “May Jehovah add increase.”
  103. Joshua – another popular baby boy name which means “Jehovah is generous”.
  104. Juan – a Spanish baby boy name which means “God is gracious.”
  105. Julian
  106. Julius
  107. Jun – a popular Filipino baby boy name and an abbreviation of the name Junior, which means the “younger version of his father.”
  108. Kawayan – This means bamboo, which can signify strength or resilience.
  109. Kagirim – peace
  110. Kaluasam – freedom
  111. Karl
  112. Keith
  113. Kier
  114. Kenji
  115. Keanu – cool breeze over the mountain
  116. Kenneth – handsome
  117. Kent – high
  118. Kevin – a name with Irish origin that means “birth of a kind, gentle and handsome.”
  119. Kian
  120. Kidlat – a unique Filipino baby boy name which means “lightning.”
  121. Knight
  122. Kobe
  123. Kurt
  124. Kyle – a baby boy name with Scottish origin which means “narrow, straight.”
  125. Lance
  126. Laurel
  127. Leonardo -brave lion
  128. Lester – popular name with an English origin meaning “fortified place.”
  129. Levi – joined in harmony
  130. Lewis
  131. Liam
  132. Lucas
  133. Luico – light
  134. Luis – another popular baby boy name for Filipinos that came from an Spanish origin meaning “fame and warrior.”
  135. Luke
  136. Luther
  137. Luzvimindo – an old Filipino baby boy name that is the combination of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.
  138. Mac
  139. Macario – fortunate
  140. Makisig – a unique Filipino baby boy name and perfect for every baby boy which means “handsome.”
  141. Magtanggol – another unique Filipino baby boy name which means “to defend.”
  142. Marcus
  143. Mark – a common name that means “consecrated to the god of war, Mars.”
  144. Mason
  145. Matteo – gift from God
  146. Mauricio – a name that means ‘dark skinned’.
  147. Maverick
  148. Maximo – greatest
  149. Maynard – brave
  150. Melchor – a name which means “city of the king.”
  151. Miguel
  152. Mio – mine
  153. Modesto – modest
  154. Mohan – attractive
  155. Nathaniel – gift of God
  156. Nicholas – a name with Greek origin that means “victory of the people.”.
  157. Nico
  158. Nimuel – a name which means “peace.”
  159. Niño
  160. Noel
  161. Norman – a popular baby boy name meaning “northman” or Viking.
  162. Oliver
  163. Omar – a Hebrew baby boy name meaning “eloquent.”
  164. Owen
  165. Pacifico – Pacific
  166. Paglaum – hope
  167. Paul/Paulo – another common baby boy name for Pinoys that means “small, humble.”
  168. Pedro – rock
  169. Pierre
  170. Primo
  171. Richard – brave ruler
  172. Restituto – a traditional name that means “put back or restore.”
  173. Rizal – named after Philippines’ national hero José Rizal that also means “greening again.”
  174. Rodel – a name with French origin that means “famous ruler.”
  175. Rodrigo – an old baby boy name and a Spanish version of classic name Roderick that also means “famous ruler.”
  176. Roman
  177. Rommel – a popular name that means “to make a noise.”
  178. Ronald – a popular name that means “advice” and “ruler.”
  179. Ryan – king
  180. Rye
  181. Sebastian
  182. Sherwin – a name of Persian origin, that means “eternalsoul” and “like a lion.”
  183. Sky
  184. Skylar – Scholar
  185. Steven/Stephen – a baby boy name with Latin origin meaning “crown” or “garland.”
  186. Theo – divine gift
  187. Thor – thunder
  188. Timothy – to honor God
  189. Titus – giant
  190. Tomas – a name meaning “twin.”
  191. Ulan – rain
  192. Uno – one
  193. Venancio – a baby boy name that means “hunting.”
  194. Victor – winner
  195. Vincent – a famous name derived from the Latin word vincere or “to conquer.”
  196. Vito – comes from the Latin word vita meaning “life.”
  197. Wilfred – an old English baby boy name which means “desiring peace.”
  198. Xander – a famous Filipino baby boy name derived from the name Alexander which means “defending men.”
  199. Yanno – Though popularized by a Filipino band called Yano, the word Yanno traces its origins to Hebrew culture. It means “God is gracious.”
  200. Zeus – the name of the Greek god of the sky and thunder.

List of all Filipino baby names for boys:

Baby name Origin Meaning
Apolinario Filipino
Amado Filipino
Adan Filipino-Spanish  a form of Adam, of the earth
Alejandro Filipino-Spanish defender of men
Agapito Filipino-Spanish beloved
Andres Filipino-Spanish manly
Armando Filipino-Spanish
Antonio Spanish-Filipino
Aquilino Latin eagle
Avelino Spanish-Filipino
Aaron Hebrew strong, exalted
Abe English father of nations
Abel Hebrew a breath
Abraham Latin father of nations
Adolpho Italian noble wolf
Adonis Greek extremely good looking, lord
Adrian Latin
Agapito Spanish beloved
Akira Japanese clear, bright
Alain French little rock
Alan, Allan, Allen English little rock
Albert, Alberto English, Spanish noble and bright
Aldo Italian old, noble
Alec, Alex English defender of men
Alexander Greek defender of men
Alfonso Italian noble and ready
Alvin American noble friend
Amadeus Latin love of God
Ambrosio Spanish child of light
Andre French manly
Angelito Spanish little angel
Angelo Italian messenger of God
Ansel French A god
Anthony Latin
Anton French
Archibald English truly bold
Ariel Hebrew lion of God
Aries Latin the ram
Armand, Armando French, Spanish army man
Arnold, Arnaldo German, Spanish strong as an eagle
Arnulf German eagle wolf
Aron Hebrew teaching, singing
Arthur, Arturo Welsh, Italian the bear
August, Augustin English, French great
Aurelio Spanish golden
Bayani Filipino hero
Balagtas Filipino trail blaze
Bienvenido Spanish-Filipino welcome
Basilio Spanish-Filipino
Bernard English brave bear
Baron English nobleman
Basil English king
Benedict Latin bessed
Benigno Italian kind, friendly
Benjamin English son of my right hand
Bernard, Bernardo French, Spanish bold as a bear
Blue American the color blue
Boris Slavic small
Brando Italian sword
Brandon English from the broom hill
Bryan English noble
Crisanto Filipino-Spanish Christ the saint
Caesar, Cesar Latin, Spanish long haired
Calvin Latin bald
Carl German manly
Carlo Italian man
Carlos Spanish free man
Cedric English
Chandler English candle maker
Charles, Charlie German, English free man
Chester English a fortress
Christian English follower of Christ
Christopher Greek Christ bearer
Claudio Latin lame
Crispin Latin curly hair
Cyril Greek lordly
Cyrus Persian of the sun
Danilo Filipino a form of Daniel
Damien Greek to tame, subdue
Daniel Hebrew God is my judge
Dante Latin everlasting
Darius Persian upholder of the good
Darryl English
Darwin English dear friend
David Hebrew beloved
Dean English from the valley
Deither German army of the people
Denis, Dennis French, English devotee of Dionysos
Denzel English from Denzell in Cornwall
Derrick English people ruler
Devon English from the tribe of Dumnonii
Dewey Welsh beloved
Dexter English dryer of clothes
Diego Spanish short form of San Diego
Dionicio Spanish god of wine and revelry
Dominic, Dominick Latin belonging to God
Donald Scottish world leader
Donato Italian a gift
Drew English manly
Dustin English Thor’s stone
Dwayne English dark black
Dwight English devotee of Dionysos
Dylan Welsh son of the sea
Edgardo Filipino-Spanish spear wealth
Eduardo Filipino-Spanish from Edward
Ernesto Filipino-Spanish sincere, earnest
Eugenio Filipino from Eugene
Earl English nobleman
Earnest English earnest
Edgar English reach spear
Edison English son of Edward
Edmund English rich protector
Edric English prosperous ruler
Edsel German noble one
Eduardo Spanish a form of Edward
Edward English wealthy guardian
Edwin English prosperous friend
Efren Spanish fruitful
Elias, Eliot, Elliot English the Lord is my God
Elijah Hebrew the Lord is my God
Eliseo Latin God is my salvation
Elmer English noble and famous
Emanuel, Emmanuel Hebrew God is with us
Emerson English the son of Emery
Emil, Emilio German, Italian to excel or rival
Enrico, Enrique Italian, Spanish home ruler
Epifano Italian manifestation
Eric, Erik Scandinavian always the ruler
Ermin Greek universal, whole
Errol English boar wolf
Ervin English from Irvine
Erwin English from Ervin
Esteban Spanish crown
Etan, Ethan Hebrew strong, firm
Eugine English well born
Everett English wild boar herd
Ezekiel, Ezequiel Hebrew, Spanish God will strengthen
Fermin Filipino
Fabian, Fabio Italian bean grower
Farrell Irish descendant of the man of valor
Federico Spanish peaceful ruler
Felipe Spanish horse lover
Felix Latin happy and prosperous
Ferdinand German to be courageous
Fernando Spanish adventurous, daring
Francis Latin free
Francisco Spanish free
Franco Italian free
Francois French free
Frank English truthful
Franklin English free man
Frederick English peaceful ruler
Fritz English peaceful ruler
Gregorio Spanish-Filipino a variation of Greg
Gabby American diminutive form of Gabrielle
Gabriel Hebrew God is my strength
Gale English merry, pleasant
Gallagher Irish descendant of the lover of foreigners
Gareth Irish spear rule
Garfield English the triangular field
Garrett English spear rule
Garson English valet
Gary English spear rule
Gavino Italian from the City of Gabium
Genaro Italian January
Geoffrey English God peace
George Greek farmer
Geraldo Spanish spear rule
Gerard English brave with spear
Gerardo Spanish spear brave
Geronimo Italian holy name
Gerry German diminutive form of Gerald
Gian Italian God is gracious
Gibson English son of Gilbert
Gilbert, Gilberto English, Spanish bright pledge
Gino, Giorgio Italian farmer
Giovanni Italian God is gracious
Glen, Glenn Scottish from the wooded valley
Gonzalo Spanish battle
Graham English from Granta’s village
Grant English great
Grayson, Greyson English son of the gray haired one
Greco Italian a person from Greece
Greg, Gregory Greek watchful, vigilant
Griffith  Welsh Griffin lord
Guillermo Spanish strong willed warrior
Gulliver English glutton
Gunter German battle warrior
Gunther German war army
Gustavo Italian staff of the Goths
Guy German
Hagibis Filipino fast
Heherson Filipino conjugation of – he is her son
Hilario Filipino masculine form of hilaria
Honesto Filipino honest
Honorato Filipino honorable
Homobono Filipino
Hansel German God is gracious
Harold Scandinavian army ruler
Harris English son of Harry
Harvey French battle warrior
Hayden English from the hay downs
Heath English heathland
Hector Greek steadfast, anchor
Heinrich German ruler of the home
Hendrix English son of Hendrick
Henri, Henry French, German ruler of the home
Herbert English army bright
Hercules Latin glory of Hera
Herman German army man
Hernando Spanish to be courageous
Hidalgo Spanish noble one
Hilario Spanish cheerful
Hiram Hebrew exalted brother
Homer Greek hostage
Horace Latin
Howard English heart brave
Howell Welsh seeing clearly
Hubert English mind bright
Humberto Spanish bright
Humphrey English peaceful warrior
Ian Scottish God is gracious
Ignacio Spanish fire
Ignatius Latin fiery one
Ike American he will laugh
Iman Arabic faith
Iram Hebrew city of the nation
Irving English from Irving, Scotland
Irwin American from Irving, Scotland
Isaac Hebrew he will laugh
Isaiah Hebrew God is my salvation
Isandro Spanish on who is freed
Ishmael Hebrew God will hear
Isidro Italian gift of Isis
Israel Hebrew wrestled with God
Issay African hairy
Ivan Russian God is gracious
Jesus Spanish-Filipino Jesus Christ
Joselito Filipino from Jose
Jack English diminutive form of Jackson
Jackson English son of Jack
Jacob Hebrew supplanter
Jagger English carter, peddlar
Jago English supplanter
Jaguar Englisn big spotted feline
Jake Hebrew supplanter
Jamal Arabic handsome
James Hebrew supplanter
Jamil Arabic elegant, beautiful
Jared Hebrew descendent
Jarrett English spear brave
Jason Grek healer
Jasper English treasurer
Jay Latin a bird in the crow family
Jayden American from Jaden
Jed American friend of God
Jedrek Polish strong, manly
Jeff, Jeffery English God peace
Jefferson English son of Jeffrey
Jeremiah, Jeremy Hebrew God will uplift
Jericho Greek moon city
Jerod English spear brave
Jerome Latin holy name
Jethro Hebrew abundance
Joaquin Spanish raised by Yahweh
Job Hebrew persecuted
Joel Hebrew God will be willing
Joey English diminutive form of Joseph or Josiah
John Hebrew God is gracious
Johnny Hebrew diminutive form of John
Johnson English son of John
Jonas Hebrew a dove
Jonathan Hebrew God has given
Jordan Hebrew to flow down
Jorge Spanish farmer
Jose Spanish God will increase
Josef, Joseph German, Hebrew God will increase
Joshua Hebrew God is salvation
Jovan Slavic God is gracious
Jovie American joyful
Juan Spanish God is gracious
Judson English son of Judd
Julio Spanish a form of Julius
Julius Latin downy
Justin English just, fair
Kale Hawaiian man
Kamal, Kamil Arabic perfection
Kane Irish battle
Karam Arabic generosity
Kareem Arabic gracious, generous
Karl German man
Kaysar Arabic king
Kazuo Japanese husband of harmony
Keanu Hawaiian cool mountain breeze
Keith Scottish
Kelvin Scottish a river in Scotland
Kemp English fighter
Ken, Kenneth Scottish handsome
Kent English high
Keon, Keoni Hawaiian God is gracious
Klaus German victory of the people
Kobe Hebrew supplanter
Korbin Latin raven
Koren Hebrew beaming, shining
Lauro Filipino from the laurel leaf
Liberato Filipino liberty
Lamar Spanish from the sea
Lance English land
Lancelot French land
Lander English of the land
Landon English from the long hill
Larry English from Laurentum, Italy
Laurent French crowned with laurel
Lawrence English laurel
Lazaro, Lazarus Spanish, Hebrew God has helped
Leander Greek lion man
Leo, Leon Italian, French the lion
Leonard, Leonardo English, Italian lion brave
Leonidas Greek lion like
Leopold English people bold
Lester English from Leicester, England
Levi, Levy Hebrew joined
Lewis English famed warrior
Liam Irish strong willed warrior
Lionel English lion
Lloyd Welsh grey
Lorenzo Italian laurel
Lou, Louis German famed warrior
Louie English famous warrior
Lowell English little wolf
Luciano Italian light
Lucio, Lucius Italian, Latin light
Ludwig German famous warrior
Luigi, Luis Italian, Spanish famous warrior
Lukas, Luke German, English light
Luther English people army
Lyndon English from the flax hill
Lysander Greek one who is freed
Makisig Filipino handsome, manly
Modesto Filipino modest
Macario Spanish happy
Mandy Latin loveable
Manny American God is with us
Manolo, Manuel Spanish God is with us
Marc, Mark French, Latin warlike
Marcel, Marcelino French, Spanish young warrior
Marco Italian warlike
Marcos Portuguese of mars
Marcus Latin warlike
Mariano Italian warlike
Marlon American warlike
Marshall French horse keeper
Martin, Marty Latin servant of Mars, the god of war
Marvin English great lord
Matthew English gift of God
Maurice French dark skinned
Mauricio Spanish dark skinned, moor
Max, Maximilian, Maximus Latin greatest
Maximo, Maximos Spanish, Greek greatest
Maxim Russian greatest
Maynard English brave strength
Meir Hebrew one who shines
Melchor Hebrew God is my light
Melvin English gentle lord
Mendel German little man
Merric, Merrick English famed rule
Mervin Welsh great lord
Michael, Michel Hebrew, French who is like God?
Michelangelo Italian archangel Michael
Miguel Spanish who is like God?
Mikel, Mitch American who is like God?
Mikhail, Mikkel Russian, German who is like God?
Miles, Milo Latin, English soldier
Mio Spanish mine
Modesto Italian modest
Mohammed Arabic praised
Mohan Sanskrit attractive
Moises French born of
Morgan Welsh great circle
Moses Egyptian born of a god
Moshe Hebrew drawn out of the water
Moss English born of a god
Muhammad Arabic praised
Myron Greek myrrh
Narciso Greek sleep, numbness
Nate English diminutive form of Nathan
Nathan Hebrew he gave
Nathaniel Hebrew gift of God
Neal, Neil  Irish champion, passionate
Nelson English son of Neil
Nemesio Spanish vengeance
Nero Latin powerful
Nestor Greek traveler
Nicanor Spanish A conqueror, victorious
Nicholai Slavic victory of the people
Nicholas, Nick Greek victory of the people
Nicklaus German victory of the people
Nico Italian short for Nicholas or Nicodemus
Nicodemus Greek victory of the people
Nicolas English victory of the people
Nigel English champion
Niklaus Slavic victory of the people
Niles English son of Neil
Nimrod Hebrew rebellion
Nixon English son of Nicholas
Noah Hebrew rest, peace
Noel French born on Christmas day
Norbert German bright north
Norman English man form the north
Norton English from the town in the north
Nuncio Italian messenger
Octavian, Octavo Latin the eighth
Odysseus Greek angry
Oistin Irish venerable
Ole, Olin Scandinavian ancestor’s heir
Oleg Slavic holy
Oliver, Ollie English elf army
Olivier French olive tree
Olson Scandinavian son of Olaf
Oma Arabic giver of life
Omar Arabic long lived
Omarion American Combination of Omar and -ion
On Chinese peace
Onan Hebrew strength, power
Onofre Spanish peace warrior
Orestes Greek mountain dweller
Orli Hebrew you are my light
Oro Spanish gold
Orsen, Orsin English bear cub
Osama Arabic lion-like
Osborn, Osbourne English god bear
Oscar Irish deer lover
Osher Hebrew happiness
Osias Hebrew salvation
Osman Arabic tender youth
Osmond English God protector
Oswald, Othello English God rule
Otis English wealth
Otto German wealth
Owen Welsh desire born
Ozer Hebrew God’s helper
Pacifico Spanish-Filipino peaceful
Pablo Spanish small
Paco Spanish free
Palmer English holy land pilgrim
Pancho Spanish free
Paolo Italian small
Pascal, Pascual French, Spanish Easter
Patrick English noble
Paul Latin small
Pavel Russian small
Pedro Spanish rock
Penn English lives by the sea
Pepin French determined
Percival, Percy French Pierce valley
Perry English dweller by the pear tree
Pete, Peter English, Greek rock
Pharell American descendant of a valorous man
Philemon Greek loving
Philip, Phillip Greek lover of horses
Pierre French rock
Placido Spanish quiet, calm
Plato Greek strong shoulders
Polo African alligator
Potter English pot maker
Price, Pryce English son of Rhys
Primo Italian first born
Prince Latin royal son
Ptolemy Greek warlike
Pytor Russian rock
Qabil Arabic able
Qamar Arabic the moon
Qays Arabic firm
Quade Irish descendent of Uad
Quana Native American aromatic
Quang Vietnamese clear
Quasim Arabic just, fair
Quentin, Quintin Latin fifth
Quinto, Quito Spanish fifth
Restituto Filipino
Rizalino Filipino from Jose Rizal
Rosauro Filipino masculine form of Rosario
Rosito Filipino masculine form of Rose
Ruperto Filipino from Rupert
Raanan Hebrew fresh, green, flourishing
Race English running competition
Rafael Spanish God has healed
Raffaello Italian God has healed
Rafi Arabic exalted
Rafiq Arabic dear friend
Raheem Arabic compassionate
Rainer English army counsel
Rais Arabic leader, chief
Rajan Sanskrit king
Ralph English wolf counsel
Ram Sanskrit godlike
Ramiro Spanish supreme judge
Ramon Spanish counsel protection
Ramses Egyptian son of Ra
Randolph English shield wolf
Raphael Hebrew God has healed
Rasheed, Rashid Arabic wise prudent
Raul Spanish wolf counsel
Raymond English counsel protection
Raymundo Spanish  counsel protection
Rayner English army advice
Redford English from the red ford
Reece English running
Reeves English servant or child of the steward
Reginald English counsel bold
Regis Latin ruler, kingly
Remington English from the ridge town
Remus Latin
Rene French reborn
Reuben Hebrew behold a son
Rex Latin king
Reynaldo Spanish counsel rule
Reynard French counsel brave
Reza Arabic consent, agreement
Rian Irish king
Ricardo Spanish brave ruler
Rich, Richard English brave ruler
Richmond English the protector king
Ricky American brave ruler
Rico Spanish brave ruler
Ripley English from the strip field
Rob English bright fame
Robbie English diminutive form of Robert
Robert English bright fame
Roberto Italian bright fame
Robin English bright fame
Robinson English son of Robin
Rocco Italian rest
Rock English rock
Rockefeller American from Rockenfeld, Germany
Rocky English rocky
Roderick English famous ruler
Rodney English from the island in the swift river
Rodolfo Spanish famed wolf
Rodrigo Spanish famous ruler
Rogelio Spanish fame spear
Roger English famous spear
Rohan Sanskrit ascending
Roland English famous land
Rolando Spanish famous land
Roman English from Rome
Romeo Italian from Rome
Romney Welsh from the broad river
Ron English counsel rule
Ronald English counsel rule
Ronaldo Spanish advice ruler
Ronan Irish little seal
Roosevelt Dutch from the rose field
Ross Scottish headland
Roy Scottish red
Rowell Old English conjunction of roe, deer & well
Royce English of a famous kin
Ruben Spanish behold a son
Rudolph English famous wolf
Rudy American famous wolf
Rupert French bright fame
Russ, Russell English red
Rutherford English from the cattle ford
Ryker American becoming rich
Saar Hebrew storm
Saber French sword
Saeed Arabic fortunate, auspicious
Salvador Spanish savior
Salvatore Italian savior
Samson Hebrew sun or service
Samuel Hebrew his name id God
Samuru Japanese his name is God
Sancho Spanish holy, saint
Sanders English son of Alexander
Sanjay Sanskrit victory
Sanjaya Sanskrit winner, victor
Sanjiv Sanskrit to live together
Sasuke Japanese help, assistance
Saturn Latin Roman god of agriculture
Saul Hebrew borrowed
Scot, Scott English from Scotland
Sebastian Greek venerable
Sebastien French venerable
Serge English servant
Sergei Russian servant
Sergio Italian servant
Seth Hebrew appointed
Severino Latin severe
Shael Hebrew to inquire
Shahan Persian kings
Shakil Arabic handsome
Shakir Arabic thankful
Shaman Native American holy man
Shaquille American handsome
Sharif Arabic noble,  honorable
Shaun, Shawn English God is gracious
Shaw English dweller by the woods
Sheldon English town in the valley
Shepherd English shepherd
Sherlock English fair haired
Sherman English cloth cutter
Sherwood English from the shire wood
Sid, Sidney French contraction of St. Denys
Sigmund German victorious protector
Silver English a metal
Simba African lion
Simeon, Simon Greek, Hebrew to be heard
Sinclair English from St. Clair, France
Socrates Greek whole rule
Sofer Hebrew writer
Solomon Hebrew peace
Sonny American our son
Soren Scandinavian severe
Spike American long nail
Stanley English from the stony field
Stefan German crown
Stephan, Steven Greek crown
Stephen Greek crown
Steve English short for Stephen
Stewart, Stuart Scottish steward for a castle or estate
Stillman English fisherman
Sylvester English from the forest
Synclair English from St. Clair in France
Taban Arabic resplendent, shining
Tadeo Spanish praise
Tamir Arabic rich
Tariq Arabic morning star
Ted, Teddy English diminutive form of Theodore
Tenen African born on a Monday
Tennis English ball game
Teo Italian divine gift
Terence Latin
Terrel, Terrell English stubborn
Thaddeus Greek praise
Thatcher English roof maker
Theo, Theodore Greek divine gift
Teodulo Spanish God’s slave
Thomas, Tom Greek a twin
Thor Scandinavian thunder
Thorne English from the thorn bush
Thornton English from the thorny town
Thurman English servant of Thor
Thurstan English Thor’s stone
Timothy Greek to honor God
Titus Greek giant
Tobias Hebrew God is good
Todd, Toddy English fox
Tomas Scandinavian a form of Thomas
Tommy English a twin
Topher American Christ bearer
Toren Hebrew ship mast
Toussaint French all saints
Travis English from the crossing or tollgate
Trent English thirty
Trenton English from the town by the river Trent
Trevor Welsh from the big settlement
Tristan Welsh Tumult
Tristian American from Tristan
Troy Greek water or foot soldier
Truman English faithful man
Tucker English tucker of cloth
Tyrone English from the land of Eoghan
Tyson English firebrand or son of Denis
Uba African father, lord
Uday Arabic one who runs fast
Udell English from the yew valley
Ugo Italian mind, spirit
Ulmer English famous wolf
Ulric English wolf ruler
Ulyssis Latin wounded in the thigh
Umberto Italian bright warrior
Umed Sanskrit hope
Upendo African love
Upton Egyptian high village
Urbano Spanish from the city
Urian Welsh city born
Uriel Hebrew light of God
Usher American people escort
Uzi Hebrew power, strength
Vachel French cowherd
Valdemar Scandinavian famous ruler
Valentino Italian strength, health
Vance English from the marsh
Varden English from Verdun
Varian French variable
Varick German honorable defender
Venedict American from Benedict
Vern American alder tree
Verne English dweller among the ferns
Vernon English alder tree
Vicente Spanish victorious
Victor Latin winner, conqueror
Vidal Spanish vital
Vidar Scandinavian forest battler
Vijay Sanskrit victorious
Vince English short form of Vincent
Vincent Latin victorious
Vincenzo Spanish victorious
Virgil Latin
Vitalis Latin alive
Vito Italian life
Vittorio Italian winner, conqueror
Vlad Slavic prince
Vladimir Slavic great ruler
Wade, Wayde English traveler
Wahid Arabic unique
Waldemar German famous ruler
Walden English from the valley of the Britons
Waldo English God’s power
Waldron German mighty raven
Walker English fuller of cloth
Walt American army ruler
Walter English army ruler
Walworth English from the homestead of the Britons
Ward English guardian
Warner English army guard
Warren English guard
Warrick English from the town by the river
Warwick English from the town by the weir
Wasaki African the enemy
Washington English from the town of Wassa’s people
Watson English son of Water
Watt English army ruler
Wayne English wagon driver
Webb, Webster English weaver
Weldon English from the hill with a well
Wendell German wanderer, seeker
Wentworth English village of the white people
Werner German army guard
West English from the west
Weston English from the west town
Wheaton English from the wheat town
Wheeler English wheel maker
Whittaker English from the wheat field
Wilbur English will fortress
Wilford English from the ford by the willows
Wilfred English will peace
Wilhelm German strong willed warrior
Wilkinson English son of Wilkin
Willard English will brave
Willem, William Dutch, English strong willed warrior
Wilmer English will famous
Wilson English son of William
Winfred English peace, friend
Winston English from Wina’s town
Winthrop English from Wymund’s farm
Wolf, Wolfe English the wolf
Wolfgang English wolf way
Woodrow English from the lane in the woods
Woodward English forester
Wyatt English son of a guy
Wycliff English from the cliff by the bend
Wyman English battle protector
Wyndham English from Wymond’s homestead
Xadrian American
Xakery American a form of Zachary
Xander Greek defender of men
Xanti Portugese short form of Xantiago
Xanto Italian golden
Xarles French man
Xavier Spanish the new house
Xenon Greek host, guest
Xenos Greek host, guest
Xerxes Persian ruler, king
Xhaiden American
Xorn American
Xylander Greek forest man
Xylon Greek from the forest
Yamal Sanskrit on of a twin
Yanni, Yannis Greek God is gracious
Yardan Hebrew to flow down
Yaron Hebrew he will sing
Yaser Arabic easy, smooth
Yasuo Japanese peaceful one
Yeriel Hebrew God has taught me
Yestin Welsh just
Yorick Scandinavian farmer
York English from the town of Eburos
Yosef, Yosefu Hebrew God will add
Yousef Arabic God will increase
Yukio Japanese gets what he wants
Yuri Russian farmer
Yuval Hebrew brook
Yves French Yew
Yvon French diminutive form of Yves
Zach English God has remembered
Zachary Hebrew God has remembered
Zander Greek defender of men
Zareb African guardian
Zared Hebrew trap
Zeb English short form of Zebedee or Zebulon
Zed English God is righteous
Zena Greek hospitable
Zenon Greek guest
Zeus Greek a god
Ziggy German diminutive form of Sigmund
Zulu African heaven
Douglas Scottish blue-black
Yuma Native American son of the chief

Most common Filipino baby boy names

  1. Joshua
  2. John Paul
  3. Christian
  4. Justine
  5. John Mark
  6. John Lloyd
  7. Jerome
  8. Adrian
  9. John Michael
  10. Angelo
  11. Justin
  12. John Carlo
  13. James
  14. Mark
  15. Kenneth
  16. Jayson
  17. Mark Anthony
  18. Daniel
  19. John Rey
  20. Ryan