Russian baby boy names

  1. Avgust
  2. Avdej
  3. Averkij
  4. Aver’yan
  5. Avksentij
  6. Avtonom
  7. Agap
  8. Agafon
  9. Aggej
  10. Adam
  11. Adrian i Andriyan
  12. Azarij
  13. Akim
  14. Aleksandr
  15. Aleksej
  16. Amvrosij
  17. Amos
  18. Ananij
  19. Anatolij
  20. Andrej
  21. Andron
  22. Andronik
  23. Anikej
  24. Anikita
  25. Anisim i Onisim
  26. Antip
  27. Antonin
  28. Apollinarij
  29. Apollon
  30. Arefij
  31. Aristarh
  32. Arkadij
  33. Arsenij
  34. Artemij
  35. Artem
  36. Arhip
  37. Askol’d
  38. Afanasij
  39. Afinogen
  40. Bazhen
  41. Bogdan
  42. Boleslav
  43. Boris
  44. Borislav
  45. Boyan
  46. Bronislav
  47. Budimir
  48. Vadim
  49. Valentin
  50. Valerij
  51. Valer’yan
  52. Varlaam
  53. Varfolomej
  54. Vasilij
  55. Vaclav
  56. Velimir
  57. Venedikt
  58. Veniamin
  59. Vikentij
  60. Viktor
  61. Viktorin
  62. Vissarion
  63. Vitalij
  64. Vladilen
  65. Vladlen
  66. Vladimir
  67. Vladislav
  68. Vlas
  69. Vsevolod
  70. Vsemil
  71. Vseslav
  72. Vysheslav
  73. Vyacheslav
  74. Gavrila i Gavriil
  75. Galaktion
  76. Gedeon
  77. Gennadij
  78. Georgij
  79. Gerasim
  80. German
  81. Gleb
  82. Gordej
  83. Gostomysl
  84. Gremislav
  85. Grigorij
  86. Gurij
  87. Davyd i David
  88. Danila i Daniil
  89. Dementij
  90. Demid
  91. Dem’yan
  92. Denis
  93. Dmitrij
  94. Dobromysl
  95. Dobroslav
  96. Dorofej
  97. Evgenij
  98. Evgraf
  99. Evdokim
  100. Evlampij
  101. Evsej
  102. Evstafij
  103. Evstignej
  104. Egor
  105. Elizar
  106. Elisej
  107. Emel’yan
  108. Epifan
  109. Eremej
  110. Ermil
  111. Ermolaj
  112. Erofej
  113. Efim
  114. Efrem
  115. Zahar
  116. Zinovij
  117. Zosima
  118. Ivan
  119. Ignatij
  120. Igor’
  121. Izmail
  122. Izot
  123. Izyaslav
  124. Ilarion
  125. Il’ya
  126. Innokentij
  127. Iosif (Osip)
  128. Ipat
  129. Ipatij
  130. Ippolit
  131. Iraklij
  132. Isaj
  133. Isidor
  134. Kazimir
  135. Kallistrat
  136. Kapiton
  137. Karl
  138. Karp
  139. Kas’yan
  140. Kim
  141. Kir
  142. Kirill
  143. Klavdij
  144. Kliment (Klementij i Klim)
  145. Kondrat
  146. Kondratij
  147. Konon
  148. Konstantin
  149. Kornil (Kornej i Kornilij)
  150. Kuz’ma
  151. Kupriyan
  152. Lavr
  153. Lavrentij
  154. Ladimir
  155. Ladislav
  156. Lazar’
  157. Lev
  158. Leon
  159. Leonid
  160. Leontij
  161. Longin
  162. Luka
  163. Luk’yan
  164. Luchezar
  165. Lyubim
  166. Lyubomir
  167. Lyubosmysl
  168. Makar
  169. Maksim
  170. Maksimil’yan
  171. Marian
  172. Mark
  173. Martyn
  174. Mart’yan
  175. Matvej
  176. Mefodij
  177. Mechislav
  178. Milan
  179. Milen
  180. Milij
  181. Milovan
  182. Mina
  183. Mir
  184. Miron
  185. Miroslav
  186. Mitofan
  187. Mihail
  188. Mihej
  189. Modest
  190. Moisej
  191. Mokej
  192. Mstislav
  193. Nazar
  194. Narkis
  195. Natan
  196. Naum
  197. Nestor
  198. Nikandr
  199. Nikanor
  200. Nikita
  201. Nikifor
  202. Nikodim
  203. Nikolaj
  204. Nikon
  205. Nifont
  206. Oleg
  207. Olimpij
  208. Onufrij
  209. Orest
  210. Osip (Iosif)
  211. Ostap
  212. Ostromir
  213. Pavel
  214. Pankratij
  215. Pankrat
  216. Pantelejmon
  217. Panfil
  218. Paramon
  219. Parfen
  220. Pahom
  221. Petr
  222. Pimen
  223. Platon
  224. Polikarp
  225. Porfirij
  226. Potap
  227. Prov
  228. Prokl
  229. Prokofij
  230. Prohor
  231. Radim
  232. Radislav
  233. Radovan
  234. Ratibor
  235. Ratmir
  236. Rodion
  237. Roman
  238. Rostislav
  239. Ruben
  240. Ruslan
  241. Ryurik
  242. Savva
  243. Savvatij
  244. Savelij
  245. Samson
  246. Samuil
  247. Svetozar
  248. Svyatopolk
  249. Svyatoslav
  250. Sevast’yan
  251. Selivan
  252. Seliverst
  253. Semen
  254. Serafim
  255. Sergej
  256. Sigizmund
  257. Sidor
  258. Sila
  259. Silantij
  260. Sil’vestr
  261. Simon
  262. Sokrat
  263. Solomon
  264. Sofon
  265. Sofron
  266. Spartak
  267. Spiridon
  268. Stanimir
  269. Stanislav
  270. Stepan
  271. Stoyan
  272. Taras
  273. Tverdislav
  274. Tvorimir
  275. Terentij
  276. Timofej
  277. Timur
  278. Tit
  279. Tihon
  280. Trifon
  281. Trofim
  282. Ul’yan
  283. Ustin
  284. Fadej
  285. Fedor
  286. Fedosij
  287. Fedot
  288. Feliks
  289. Feoktist
  290. Feofan
  291. Ferapont
  292. Filaret
  293. Filimon
  294. Filipp
  295. Firs
  296. Florentin
  297. Foka
  298. Foma
  299. Fortunat
  300. Fotij
  301. Frol
  302. Hariton
  303. Harlampij
  304. Hristofor
  305. CHeslav
  306. Eduard
  307. Emmanuil
  308. Emil’
  309. Erast
  310. Ernest
  311. Ernst
  312. YUvenalij
  313. YUlian
  314. YUlij
  315. YUrij
  316. YAkov
  317. YAn
  318. YAkub
  319. YAnuarij
  320. YAropolk
  321. YAroslav

Russian boys names with meanings

ALEXANDER. The defender of the people (Greek). Usually resolute. Smart and witty. Subtly feel. Sociable, but needs to be leniency, because often quick-tempered, daring, acting abruptly, without a smooth transition. The one who comes to him with a sword dies. In love – gambling.

ALEXEY. Assistant (Greek). In most cases, they are focused, serious, and righteous. They are persuasive in defending their views. They are persistent in achieving their goals. However, sometimes they are meek. Useful to people. They are respectful to their parents. In intimate life, you are not always lucky.

ANATOLIY. Ascending (Greek). As a rule, it has an inquisitive, insatiable mind. Sophisticated and inventive. A soothsayer, capable of accurate predictions,but he can not always achieve the goal. Temperament choleric, unbalanced, spontaneous. Sometimes-naughty, not resistant to wine. Passion for a woman, but already at a “decent” age fades. If it dies, it does… not from modesty.

ANDREY. Manly, brave (Greek). Persistent. Intelligent, resourceful, with an unstable character. In society, they tend to dominate, often losing their sense of proportion when choosing means. How confident men are, and yet… the rest they can only dream of.

ANTON. From Antony, contending (Latin). Their life is a cascade of failures, compromises, and UPS. Unbalanced natures. Struggling with themselves. Always striving for freedom, forgetting that the price for it is loneliness. Looking for friendship. For the Antonovs, love is torture.

ARCADII. From Arkady-happy country (Greek). Sociable, friendly, kind. Even with everyone. Surrounded by friends, pals, and female friends. I’m a sucker for compliments. Outwardly – “dear friend”, but inside yourself-responsive, human. His fate can be envied.

BORIS. Struggling (Slavyansk). Usually purposeful. Optimistic. Curious, imaginative thinking. Sometimes quick-tempered, unpredictable. Fate, happens to be experiencing them. In the end, they gravitate to the home, to the family, small children are always a joy to them.

VADIM. Proving (other-Russian). Usually mysterious, secretive and emotional. Freedom-loving. Fatalistic, sophisticated. Looks at “on the move forward”. Quick to make decisions. Immodest in desires. Heartbreaking.

VALENTIN. Strong (Latin). Stand-up, uncompromising. Tends to be “leading the way”. Ubiquitous, mobile. Self-willed, sometimes even paradoxical in behavior. Sometimes flighty, but tolerable. With women, it happens, “bad luck”, although in England… Valentine’s day-Valentine’s Day.

VALERY. Be alert, healthy (Latin). Alive, passionate, sincere. A brave officer by nature. Acts on the principle of “live once”, while never leaving his courage. From philosophical reasoning gets tired. Nutty. Not always logical. With women, he is arrogant, and suffers for it.

VASILIY. Royal (Greek). Strong, domineering. They know their own value. Usually stubborn. Cheerful. They strive for perfection, for superiority, for glory. Hardworking. They are selfish with women, but they “torment” them a lot.

VICTOR. Winner (Latin). Active. With a halo of glory. Able to become focused at the right time. Hard, however, can suddenly relax and “mess up”. Eloquent and therefore unsafe for the fair sex.

VITALY. Vital (Latin). Balanced physically and spiritually. Quickly, quickly acquire experience, Confident. They work according to the mood, with a flourish. Decoration of the company. Hidden jealousies. They are in no hurry to settle down.

VLADIMIR. Own the world (Slavs). Mind marked. By teaching, they learn by themselves. By nature closed, although outwardly open, in society usually reach considerable heights. In friendship, they are constant, but easily vulnerable. Women are idealized, and suffering is accepted from them.

SLAVA. Bolshaya Slava (other-Russian). In childhood, inquisitive-naive. With age, it becomes not so clear, clear, especially in business. Committed to the idea. I’m ready to put my head down for the assigned task. People’s gossip rewards him. Usually alone, capable of tenderness: and loves, and suffers.

GENNADI. Noble origin (Greek). With a difficult, elusive temperament, often with an unpredictable reaction to external influences. Individualistic, self-absorbed, a law unto itself. Enterprising, dynamic. Delicate, rejects the rudeness. With lovers in difficult relationships.

GEORGY. Ploughman (Greek). The helper. Loving, generous and generous. Usually with a clear head. Capable of the impulse. If he wants to, he can achieve a lot. Often work is the only light in the window, he is not sociable with women.

GLEB. Put under protection (Scandinavian). Virtuous. Seeking peace of mind. Abstinent. They are sane. Assisting. Concern constantly haunts them. For such women secretly sigh. Family men, “the lovers-Orthodox”.

GRIGORY. Awake (Greek). Usually whole natures: either everything or nothing. Freedom-loving. Stubborn. Temperamental. Sometimes violent. Resisting fate. Loving, but affectionate. They are scolded, but loved.

DANIEL. From Daniel, God is my judge (Dr. – Heb). Pioneer. Slow in thought, but determined. Works binge-practical acumen fused with improvisation. The house is a full bowl, there are many good things around, made by the ancestors. His family pride of the Creator rejects arrogance. Self-respecting and respected.

DMITRIY. Fruit of the earth (Greek). They are strong, flexible, and quick to make decisions. Talented. Practical. They are thorough and respect the word “necessary”. In love-always real men.

EVGENIY. Noble (Greek). As a rule, independent and strong-willed. Maximalist. Inclined to order life. Too demanding of himself and others. Able to achieve a lot in society. Active. Persistent in everything. They curse them, but they can’t leave them. With his mother, he is soft, affectionate, tender.

EGOR. Patron of agriculture (other-Russian). Most of them are people with deep emotions. Businesslike, practical, obsessive. Reliable owners, do not stop there, sometimes overreact, but common sense helps. They stand on the fact that they protect their neighbor. Loyal to a once-chosen woman.

EFIM. From Efimov, blagoslovenny (Greek). Internally stable. Diligent. A man of his word, persistent in solving pre-set tasks. Fits well into the environment. But in public Affairs there is not enough ambition – not very “meat-eater”. And in matters of love is not very successful.

ZAHAR. From Zacharias, the memory of the Lord (Dr. – Heb). They usually live with a predetermined fate. Modest and kind people. Responsive. They are disposed to comradeship, to a feast. Patient at work. Those who promote the cause. Family men, but they’re too protective of their wives.

IVAN. From John, the grace of God (other-Heb). Kind. Unselfish. Hard-working, but heavy on the rise. A difficult life is a common fate: a bumpy one. Hardy, life-affirming. Keeper of customs. Calm, “my boyfriend”. With a sly smile.

IGOR. Protect the name of God (other-Russian). Versatile, impetuous, but does not allow himself to be carried away. In constant pursuit of the goal, however, it may go too far. Power manifests sequentially, to the glory of cool, but touchy. A gentle man of many people, but passion does not obscure his eyes.

ILYA. From Elijah, the fortress of the Lord (other-Heb). In-depth in nature. And at the same time capable of empathy. Clear-sighted in their assessments. They are ironic, artistic and multi-faceted, and good at camaraderie. Love stimulates their creativity.

KIRILL. Master (Greek). Confident, able to present themselves. Very different: sociable, but in their own circle; pretentious, but gifted; efficient, but sometimes lazy. Fall for spectacular beauty.

CONSTANTINE. Permanent (Latin). Independent and smart. Very open. They contribute to everything and everything that makes them “get into stories”. They work with pleasure. They are attentive to their relatives. The wife is pampered.

LION. Lion (Greek). Self-sufficient, learned, far-sighted. Fast, determined. Honest. Conscientious. With organizational skills. As a rule, there is not enough self-confidence in relation to a woman.

LEONID. Like a lion (Greek). Usually generous nature. With a solid inner core. Accessible, unassuming. They are intelligent, quick-witted. Loving, “gourmet lovers”. With children, they are attentive and affectionate, but their family, alas, is not always durable.

MAKSIM. Great (Latin). Mature, with a variety of abilities. They know their capabilities well. If they are focused, they are very successful in society. Early manhood. Lifeline-ascent. They have a weakness for the weaker sex.

MATVEY. From Matthew, granted from the Lord (Dr. – Heb). Omnipotent and omnipresent. They cause a lot of trouble, but they are interesting with ideas and fantasies. They rely on intuition, or even on chance. If they work , they reach the highest heights. They are not arrogant, they avoid vanity, although they are extremely self-confident. They are very amorous, but they do not cheat on their wife.

MICHAEL. Who is like God (Dr. – Heb). Most of them are charming, not stupid. Multiplane. Instinctive, intuitive. In many ways, they deny themselves in order to achieve their goals. They are alone in the team. In public, they are happy, but in the soul they suffer. Many are good husbands and fathers.

NIKITA. Victorious (Greek). Gifted, first among equals. With a tenacious memory. Practical, but impatient. Usually with the highest performance. They are easily accessible and follow the truth. There are difficulties and failures with the family.

NIKOLAY. Victory of people (Greek). Internally stable natures. “Psychologists”. Conservative in their beliefs. Smart, capable of extraordinary decisions. They count on their strength. They can be trusted with your concerns. Silent, comfortable in everyday life.

OLEG. Light (Scandinavian). Contradictory, but restrained. Intelligent. Predisposed to diversity. Always doubting. However, they themselves are stubborn in their opinions. Sociable. All sorts of excessive Hobbies interfere with your career.

PAVEL. Small (Latin). With a difficult character, but usually easy to communicate. They are inventive in their work, but they are rarely satisfied with it. Above all, they value truth, beauty, goodness and usefulness. Jealous, but forgiving.

PETER. Stone (Greek). Wise. Convinced. They grow up early. Independent. Truthful. They are overly active: often power is their passion. They strive to achieve perfection. Hard to survive the collapse of illusions.

PLATON. Broad-shouldered (Greek). People’s thinker, wandering thoughts. Independent personality: “leading” and never “led”, has a great influence on people. Informal leader, teacher, communication with him-doping kindness: if not help, then comfort. At the same time-the rise and fall.

PROCHORUS. Leading the singing (Greek). Demanding, going straight to the goal, can achieve success, influence. Doesn’t notice little things, does everything big. However, he is fond of it. Always devoted to something. With a broken line of life. A slave of passions in youth-I am sure that “wine is given to us for joy”, with age-a good old man.

NOVEL. The Roman (Latin). Reliable. Acquiring an ideal, they persistently go to it, and in this they are ultimatum. Convinced. Surprising. Circumstances have little influence on them, even to the point that they are their own among strangers. They like to eat sweet and drink well. For women – in price.

RUSLAN. Lion (Turki). “Firmament”: fair, but quick to make categorical decisions. They are directed forward. By nature, they are conflicted, explosive, although they do not show their predilections. Valid. They are respectful to their elders.

SAVVA. The elder (Aramaic). Wine (Dr. – Heb). Ryazan man with a southern temperament. To drink is not a fool but is beautiful. Talented, scattered, going backwards. A broad-minded and imaginative sage. Everything takes to heart. It treats people without bias. There is no regret for lost time.

SERGEI. Tall, venerable, and a Goblin. Restless, but quiet. Attached to friends. Very attentive, sympathetic to other people’s concerns. They are painfully searching for an answer to the eternal question: why do we live? As a rule, ideal husbands and fathers.

STANISLAUS. Become nice (Polish). Usually unbalanced. Nerves are a taut string. Irritable, but compliant. Responsive, of such a nature gives rise to life’s challenges. Bad luck, mistakes haunt them. In their youth, they are amorous, but no further than flirting. Their weakness is beautiful women.

STEPAN. From Stephen, crown, crown (Greek). Strong-willed and inspiring. Thinking. Original, hardy, trusting-wasteful on inventions, does not stay long at one job and does not burden himself with things. Uncle-godfather-teacher. Can drown in love.

TIMOFEY. Worshipping God (Greek). Fair, truth-loving. Modest, thoughtful, thorough. A craftsman with imagination and artistic taste. Perhaps circumstances are stronger than Timothy, and he has to do what he doesn’t want to do. Women are gentle, the wife nurtures, cares.

TIKHON. Lucky (Greek). Quiet, lives not in lies, without self-praise. Peaceful – always tries to avoid a sharp corner, but not out of timidity. Thoughtful, doubtful. Respectful of other people’s opinions. Appreciate the tranquility; in family life, follower of rules “Domostroi”.

FYODOR. From Theodore, God’s gift (Greek). They are rarely satisfied with life circumstances. Experiences keep in themselves. Philosophic. Usually with the character “not a gift”: themselves, it happens, are outraged. In the company are noticeable, in the family – childish pleasers.

YURI. The Creator (Slavs). He only counts on his own strength. Can drive themselves and others. Usually earns well, but will not become a billionaire. Vulnerable, worried: he is always in danger of some kind – from mother nature, then from people. Loves the earth, the peasant’s love.

JACOB. from Jacob, the stammerer, follows someone, (Dr, – Heb). Fate tries to give him a surprise, often not the best. Smart, with a little guile. From its social ladder every now and then fall, steps. Farsighted, anticipating events. The Yakovs are supposedly indifferent to the female sex.

JAROSLAV. Bright glory (of the Slavs). Vividly individual, talented, ambitious. He knows himself all his life. Passionate, enthusiastic. Yaroslav is the Jung of romance and risk. Plays with fire, arouses interest. She can barely contain her pride. Likes either the first, or the last, or one…