7 of the Best Huggies Wipes for Newborns

As a mom, you know how important it is to have the right wipes for your baby. Along with other essentials like diapers and pacifiers, they’re some of the most frequently used supplies a mother needs to have on hand.

It’s important to note, though, that not all baby wipes are created equal. Some even contain harsh ingredients that can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

To avoid potential irritants and keep your baby’s skin fresh and clean, it’s best to rely on trust brands like Huggies.

Read on to learn about seven of the best baby wipes created by Huggies that you might want to use for your little one.

1. Huggies Natural Care

No mom wants to use a wipe that’s loaded with heavy perfume and artificial ingredients when taking care of their baby, right? With Huggies Natural Care baby wipes, you never have to worry about what you’re putting on your baby’s skin.

These wipes are made with 99 percent water. To make things even better, that water gets triple-filtered to ensure it’s as clean as possible.

Huggies Natural Care wipes do not contain any alcohol or parabens, which are synthetic preservatives that may contribute to skin irritation and other issues.

They’re free from MIT (short for methylisothiazolinone, another problematic preservative) and phenoxyethanol (a common preservative and fragrance ingredient) as well.

2. Huggies Natural Care Plus

Huggies Natural Care Plus is the thickest baby wipe option that Huggies has to offer. These wipes are perfect for keeping on hand to deal with big messes.

Like the other Huggies Natural Care baby wipes, these are made with 99 percent triple-filtered water. They also contain aloe vera and vitamin E, both of which nourish your baby’s skin and provide additional moisture to prevent chafing and rashes.

Some baby wipes contain ingredients that disrupt the pH of your baby’s skin. That’s not the case with these wipes, though. They contain malic acid (a natural compound found in apples) to balance out pH and nourish the skin.

3. Huggies Refreshing Clean

For moms who want baby wipes with a light, refreshing scent, Huggies Refreshing Clean baby wipes are a great option.

These wipes come with natural, relaxing scents like Cucumber & Green Tea to help mask odors without being overpowering or irritating.

Huggies Refreshing Clean wipes are thick, too, to help clean up messes as fast as possible. You’ll never have to worry about them tearing or falling down on the job.

They come in a package with an EZ Pull dispenser as well. This helps busy moms get the wipes they need as fast as possible. With a little practice, you’ll even be able to extract your wipes one-handed!

4. Huggies Nourish & Care

If you want to clean, hydrate, soothe, and nourish your baby’s skin all at once, you can’t go wrong with Huggies Nourish & Care Wipes.

These wipes are thicker (20 percent thicker, in fact) than Huggies Natural Care Wipes. They feel like cloth and are comforting on your baby’s skin.

They also contain cocoa and shea butter for a natural scent and extra moisturizing power.

Huggies Nourish & Care Wipes are hypoallergenic and have been tested (and deemed safe) by dermatologists.

They are free from ingredients that may irritate the skin like phenoxyethanol and parabens, so you can enjoy peace of mind every time you’re cleaning up after your little one.

5. Huggies Simply Clean Fresh

Huggies Simply Clean Fresh baby wipes are another good Huggies wipe option for moms who prefer a light scent.

These wipes feature a clean, refreshing scent and are gentle enough to use on your baby’s hands, face, and bottom. They also feature fun Disney graphics, making them a good option for toddlers as well.

Huggies Simply Clean Fresh baby wipes contain aloe vera and vitamin E for extra moisture and nourishment. They contain malic acid as well to balance out the pH of your baby’s skin and help keep rashes and other signs of irritation at bay.

You’ll also find Coco-betaine and Polysorbate 20, both of which are derived from coconut oil, in these wipes as well. These ingredients help to moisturize and protect the skin while getting rid of impurities.

6. Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance-Free

If your baby has sensitive skin, or if you prefer a fragrance-free baby wipe, consider Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance-Free Wipes. As the name suggests, these wipes do not contain any fragrances, which can cause rashes and irritation for some babies.

Like their fresh-scented counterparts, Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance-Free Wipes feature fun Disney-themed designs, so they’re perfect for toddlers.

These wipes are also safe to use on hands and faces, so feel free to toss them in your purse or diaper bag when you’re heading out to run errands or meet your fellow mom friends for a playdate. Everyone will be glad you have them at the ready.

7. Huggies Cleansing Wipes

Moms use baby wipes for way more than diaper changes. If you’re looking for a gentle baby wipe that you can use for your baby’s hands and face, Huggies Cleansing Wipes are the perfect option to have on hand.

These baby wipes have been tested by experts and proven to get rid of 99 percent of germs. They do this without any alcohol or harsh chemicals, though, so you don’t have to worry about them irritating your baby’s skin (or yours).

Huggies Cleansing wipes feature a light, refreshing scent and contain a touch of aloe vera to protect and nourish the skin. They’re hypoallergenic and made with 99% purified water that is triple-filtered for ultimate cleanliness.