Filipino baby girl names

  1. Adah – a unique baby girl name from the bible. It means “an assembly” in Hebrew.
  2. Amihan –  a unique Filipino baby girl name meaning “east wind.”
  3. Amalia – a name with Latin origin meaning “hard working.”
  4. Atarah – a biblical name that means “crown” in Hebrew.
  5. Amor – means ‘love’ in spanish
  6. Alon – means ‘ wave’ in english
  7. Althea – a famous name means ‘to heal’
  8. Angel – means ‘heavenly or angel’
  9. Aurora – means dawn
  10. Benilda – a spanish version of Bernhilde that connected to ‘blessed’
  11. Blessica – combination of two names Bless and Jessica. It means confer blessing
  12. Bituin – a unique Filipino baby girl name meaning “star.:
  13. Barbara – an old baby girl name meaning “stranger.”
  14. Belinda – an old baby girl name meaning “beautiful.”
  15. Bernadette – a common baby girl name meaning “brave as a bear.”
  16. Candida – an old baby girl name meaning “white.”
  17. Carmela – another old name.  meaning “garden.”
  18. Carmelita – a name with Spanish origin meaning “little poem.”
  19. Cassandra – a popular baby girl name that means “she who entangles men.”
  20. Candida – means innocent
  21. Chesa – means celestial
  22. Christina – a latin name means ‘a follower of christ’
  23. Corazon – means ‘heart’
  24. Corina – means maiden
  25. Cecilia – an old baby girl name meaning “blind;”. It also connotes to Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music and musicians.
  26. Celeste – old name meaning “heavenly.”
  27. Charo – another old name with Spanish origins, meaning “rosary.”
  28. Cielo – a name for baby girl with Spanish origin meaning “sky.”
  29. Clara – this old Filipino baby girl name means “illustrious.”
  30. Cristina – a common baby girl name meaning “Christ bearer.”
  31. Dalisay – a unique baby girl name meaning “pure.”
  32. Daniela – a name with Spanish origin meaning “God is my judge.”
  33. Delila – an old baby girl name meaning “the one who weakened.”
  34. Diana – a baby girl name from the bible. It means “luminous or perfect” in Latin.
  35. Diwa – a native baby girl name means ‘spirit’
  36. Diwata – a baby girl name from Philippine mythology, means goddess.
  37. Divina – Italian and Latin mixed name means ‘Heavenly or divine’
  38. Darna – from the famous fictional super heroine in Philippines. A female warrior/hero.
  39. Daniela – means ‘God is my judge’
  40. Dolores – means pain
  41. Edna – a biblical name that means ‘pleasure or delight’ in Hebrew.
  42. Eleanor – means ‘bright’
  43. Eeya – means generous
  44. Elizabeth – a popular baby girl name that means “God is my oath.’
  45. Eva – a biblical name that means ‘living” in Hebrew.
  46. Evangeline – means  bearer of good news
  47. Felicia – an old baby girl name meaning “happiness.”
  48. Faye – means fairy
  49. Flordeliza – means flower of a lily’
  50. Gabriela – feminine form of the bible name Gabriel that means “God is my strength.”
  51. Gilda – old baby girl name meaning “golden.”
  52. Gloria – means glory
  53. Gabriel – means ‘devoted to God’
  54. Hazel – a color of a tree
  55. Heidi – means nobility
  56. Imelda – an old and common baby girl that means “entire battle.”
  57. Isla – a unique baby girl name with Scottish origin that means “island.”
  58. Iris – a greek name means ‘Goddess of the rainbow’
  59. Joanna – a popular baby girl name that is also biblical. It means “grace or gift of the Lord.”
  60. Juana – a baby girl name with Spanish origin meaning “God is gracious.”
  61. Julia – a popular baby girl name meaning “soft and downy.’
  62. Jasmine – name from a scented flower
  63. Jennifer – means ‘white enchantress’
  64. Joyce – means ‘cheerful’
  65. Kristina – a feminine version of the name Christian which means “Christ.”
  66. Katherine – means ‘pure’
  67. Ligaya – a popular Filipino baby girl name that means “happiness.”
  68. Lualhati – an old Filipino baby girl name meaning “peace and tranquility.”
  69. Luningning – a unique Filipino baby girl name meaning “brightness and brilliance.”
  70. Luna – a baby girl name with Italian origin meaning “the moon.”
  71. Luzmivida – from Philippines three island; Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao
  72. Lydia – a popular baby girl name that means “standing pool” in Greek.
  73. Lyka – means pretty face
  74. Malaya – a unique Filipino baby girl name meaning “free.”
  75. Maria – means ‘Jesus mother’
  76. Mahalina – means ‘fascinated’
  77. Malaya – means ‘Freedom’
  78. Marikit – means ‘pretty’
  79. Mayumi – means ‘tender’
  80. Mutya – means ‘amulet’
  81. Marikit – another unique Filipino baby girl name meaning “beautiful.”
  82. Mercy –  a baby girl name from the bible that means “compassion.”
  83. Myra – a common baby girl name that is also biblical that means “I flow” in Greek.
  84. Nicole – means ‘victorious people’
  85. Nieves – means ‘snow
  86. Noemi – means ‘pleasantness’
  87. Nora – means ‘light’
  88. Odessa – a baby girl name with Greek origin that means “long journey.”
  89. Olga – a baby girl name with Slavic origin that means “holy.”
  90. Ophelia – derived from a popular characters from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” means she who ‘helps’
  91. Pamela – a popular baby girl name meaning “all honey.”
  92. Paula – another common baby girl and biblical name that means “small” in Latin.
  93. Priscilla – a baby girl name with Latin origin that means “ancient.”
  94. Ramona – a baby girl name that means “counsel protection.”
  95. Rebecca – a known baby girl biblical name. It means “soil” or to be “tied up” or “beautifully ensnaring.”
  96. Regina – a popular baby girl name that means “queen.”
  97. Rita – a baby girl name meaning “pearl.’
  98. Rosanna – a popular baby girl name meaning “gracious rose.”
  99. Rowena – an old baby girl name that means “fame joy.”
  100. Sampaguita – another unique Filipino baby girl name. It refers to the Philippine national flower.
  101. Sheila – a famous baby girl name meaning “heaven.”
  102. Tala – a unique Filipino baby girl name meaning “morning star.”
  103. Talitha – a unique biblical name for baby girl meaning “maiden child.”
  104. Teresa – common baby girl name meaning “harvester.’
  105. Ula – means “jewel of the sea.”
  106. Ulan – means “rain;” it also has an African origin.
  107. Valentina – an old Filipino name that means “strength and health.”
  108. Veronica – a famous baby girl name with French origin that means “bring victory.”
  109. Victoria – a popular baby girl name that means “winner and conqueror.”
  110. Yana – a baby girl name with Hebrew origin meaning “he answers.’
  111. Yasmin – a name with Persian origin that means “jasmine.”
  112. Yolanda – an old baby girl name that means “violet flower.”
  113. Zabrina – means “for the river.”
  114. Zina – a Greek biblical name for your baby girl that means ‘shining’.
  115. Zofia – means “wisdom.”

List of all Filipino baby names for girls:

Baby name Origin Meaning
Amihan Filipino east wind
Amparo Filipino
Amalia, Amy Filipino-Latin hard working
Amelia Filipino-Latin to strive or excel
Abby English
Aimee French a good friend
Alexa, Alexia American defender
Alexandra Greek defender of men
Alice, Alicia English of noble kin
Alisha American of noble kin
Alma Latin nourishing
Alyssa Greek rational
Amanda Latin worthy of love
Amber English precious stone
Amor Spanish love
Ana Spanish merciful, gracious
Andrea Italian manly
Angelica, Angeli American, Italian messenger of God
Angelie, Angelina French, Italian messenger of God
Anita, Ann Hebrew gracious, merciful
Annabel, Annabelle English
Annette, Annie French, English gracious, merciful
Antoinette French
Apple English the fruit
April Latin the month
Ariane, Arianna French, Italian very holy
Asia Greek resurrection
Aurora Latin goddess of dawn
Bituin Tagalog star
Barbara Greek stranger
Beatrice, Beatrix French, English bearer of joy
Belen Spanish Bethlehem
Belinda, Belisima Spanish beautiful
Bernadette French brave as a bear
Bernice French brings victory
Beverly English from the river stream
Bianca, Blanca Italian, Spanish white
Bien Spanish good
Bridget, Bridgette Irish, French lofty, exalted
Britany, Britney English Britain
Chesa Filipino shine
Camille French perfect
Candida Latin white
Caresse American beloved
Carla, Carol Italian, English feminine form of Charles
Carmela Hebrew garden
Carmelita Spanish little poem
Carmen Latin poem
Caroline Latin beautiful woman
Carolyn English
Cassandra Greek she who entangles men
Catherine, Cathy Greek pure
Cathleen Irish pure
Cecilia, Cecelia, Latin blind
Celeste Latin heavenly
Celia, Celina Latin heaven
Celine French heaven
Chandra India moon
Charisse French beautiful
Charissa Greek grace
Charity English sharing
Charlene English frees
Charlot French feminine of Charlie
Charmaine English charm
Charo Spanish rosary
Chelsa, Chelsea English port for limestone or chalk
Cherry American the fruit
Christiane French Christ bearer
Ciara Irish black
Cielo Spanish sky
Claire, Clara, Clarissa French, Latin illustrious
Clarinda English clear, beautiful
Conception Spanish the Virgin’s immaculate conception
Consuelo Spanish consolation
Corazon Spanish heart
Corina French maiden
Crescentia German crescent moon
Cristina Spanish Christ bearer
Cybil, Cybille Greek, French soothsayer
Czarina Russian female ruler
Dalisay Filipino
Divina Filipino-Spanish Divine
Daisy American the flower
Danica Hebrew morning star
Daniela, Danielle Spanish, Hebrew God is my judge
Danika Slavic morning star
Daphene Greek laurel tree
Daria Greek upholder of the good
Darlene American loved one
Delila Hebrew the one who weakened
Demetria Greek devotee of Demeter
Denise Fench devotee of Dionysos
Desiree French desired
Destiny American fate
Dian American a form of Dion
Diana Greek divine
Dina, Dinah Hebrew God has judged
Dolores Spanish sorrows
Dorotea, Dorothy Greek gift of God
Dulce, Dulcinea Spanish, Latin sweet
Erlat Filipino a hobby
Estrellita small star
Eugenia Filipino feminine form of Eugenio
Edita, Edith Spanish, English rich war
Edna Hebrew delicacy, tenderness
Elaine English light
Eleanor, Elenita French, Spanish
Elizabeth Hebrew God is my oath
Ellen Greek light
Elvira Spanish foreign and true
Elysia Latin heaven
Emerald English the precious stone
Emma Latin entire
Epiphany English manifestation of a divine being
Esmeralda Greek emerald
Esperanza Spanish hope
Estefania Spanish crown
Estrella Spanish star
Eugenia, Eugenie Greek well born
Evelyn English form of Eve
Faith English faith
Fannie American form of Frances
Farah Arabic joy
Farrah English Ironsmith
Fatima Arabic daughter of the prophet
Fay French fairy or elf
Felicia, Felicity Latin happiness
Fiona Scottish white, fair
Florence Latin prosperous, flowering
Fortuna, Fortunata Spanish good fortune
Franchesca Latin free
Fuchsia English fuchsia flower
Gabriela, Gabrielle Spanish, French feminine form of Gabriel
Gail, Gayle English joy to the father
Gardenia English gardenia flower
Garnet English the red semi-precious stone
Gay English happy, merry
Gemma Italian precious stone
Geneva French juniper berry
Genevieve French woman of the people
Georgette French feminine form of George
Geraldine English rules with spear
Germain French a German
Gremaine French a brother
Gertrude German strong spear
Gia Italian short form of Gianna
Gilda English golden
Gin Japanese silver
Gina Italian queen
Ginger English red-orange color
Giselle French pledge
Glenda Welsh holy and good
Gloria Latin glory
Godiva English God’s gift
Grace Latin grace of God
Gretchen German a pearl
Guadalupe Spanish river of black stones
Gwen Welsh blessed ring
Hilaria Filipino feminine form of Hilario
Honorata Filipino feminine form of Honorato
Hannah Hebrew grace
Harmony American pleasant combination of chords
Hazel English the hazel tree
Heaven English heaven
Heidi German of noble kin
Helen Greek light
Henrietta English ruler of the home
Hero Greek the brave one
Hilda English battle
Holiday English born on a holy day
Honey American sweet as honey
Honoria Latin honor
Hope English hope
Hyacinth Greek the flower
Ida German hardworking
Imelda Italian entire battle
Ina English diminutive form of names ending in-ina
Ines Spanish holy
Inez Spanish pure, holy
Ingrid Scandinavian Ing’s beauty
Inocencia Spanish innocent
Irene Greek peace
Iria American rainbow, colorful
Irina Russian peace
Iris Greek colorful, raibow
Irma German whole, entire
Isabel Spanish God is my oath
Isabella, Isabelle Italian, French God is my oath
Isadora Greek gift of Isis
Isla Scottish island
Ivana Russian feminine form of Ivan
Ivette French yew
Ivie English the climbing ivy plant
Ivy English the climbing ivy plant
Izzy Spanish God is my oath
Jesusa Filipino feminine form of Jesus
Jackie English supplanter
Jacqueline French supplanter
Jael Hebrew wild mountain goat
Jaide American another form for Jade
Jalena Slavic bright
Jaliyah American
Jane English God is gracious
Janet English God is gracious
Janeth American Janet and Elizabeth combined
Janice English God is gracious
Janie American diminutive form of Jane
Janika Slavic feminine form of John
January American month of January
Jasmin, Jasmine Persian the jasmine flower
Jaya Indian Victory
Jazzelle American a form of Giselle
Jeana American a form of Gina
Jeanine, Jeanne French God is gracious
Jelena Slavic bright
Jemma English precious stone
Jennifer English fair phantom or white wave
Jessica Hebrew God beholds
Jessie English diminutive form of Jessica or Jean
Jewel English precious stone
Jezebel Hebrew unexalted
Joan, Joanna Hebrew, English God is gracious
Jocelin, Jocelyn French, English little Goth
Jonell American
Josephine French God will increase
Jovita, Joy Latin happy
Joyce English little lord
Juana, Juanita Spanish God is gracious
Judith Hebrew from Judaea
Judy English from Judaea
Julia Latin soft, downy
Juliet English downy
Justine English feminine form of Justin
Kalea Hawaiian illustrious
Karen Scandinavian pure
Karla German feminine form of Karl
Kate English pure
Katherine, kathleen Greek, Irish pure
Kathy, Katrina English, German pure
Kay Greek rejoice
Keiko Japanese blessing
Kia African hill
Kimberly English from the meadow of the royal fortress
Kira English black
Kirima Native American hill
Kisha Slavic rainfall
karla Hungarian illustrious
Korrine American maiden
Kourtney American from Courtenay in France
Kris American from Christopher
Kristin German Christian
Kristina Slavic Christian
Ligaya Filipino happiness
Liwanag Filipino light, bright
Liwayway Filipino
Lualhati Filipino peace, tranquillity
Luningning Filipino brightness, brilliance
Luzviminda Filipino conj. of Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao
Lacy English lacy
Lani Hawaiian heaven, chief
Lara Russian from Larisa
Larisa Spanish the smile
Larissa Greek cheerful
Latifah Arabic elegant, delicate
Latoya American
Laura, Laurel Latin, English laurel
Lavina, Lavinia Latin woman of Rome
Lea, Leah Hebrew weary
Leilani Hawaiian heavenly flower
Leona Italian lion
Leonor, Leonora Spanish, Italian light
Lesley English joy
Leticia Spanish joy
Lian Chinese lotus
Lilianna, Lilliana English combination of Lily and Anna
Lily English lily flower
Linda Spanish pretty one
Lisa, Liza English God is my oath
Lolita Spanish sorrows
Lorelei German alluring enchantress
Lorena English laurel
Loretta, Lorretta Italian, English laurel
Lori, Lorie American laurel
Lorna Scottish fox
Lotta Italian free
Louisa, Louise English famous warrior
Lourdes French French place
Love English full of love
Lovette English little loved one
Lovely American loved one
Luciana Italian light
Lucille, Lucinda French, Spanish light
Lulani Hawaiian highest heaven
Lulu English famous warrior
Lumina Slavic sunshine
Luna Italian the moon
Lunet Welsh holy image
Lunette French little moon
Lupe, Lupita Spanish from the river of the wolf
Luz Spanish light
Lydia Greek from Lydia, Greece
Lynda Spanish the pretty one
Lynette French pretty one
Lynn Celtic, Gaelic the lake
Lyra Latin the harp, lyre
Lyric English words of a song
Maganda Filipino beautiful
Mahal Filipino-Arabic love, expensive
Malaya Filipino free
Malea / Maleah Filipino a form of Malaya
Marikit Filipino beautiful
Mutia Filipino nymph
Mabel English loveable
Macarena Spanish blessed
Madeline, Madelyn English woman from Magdala
Magnolia French the flower magnolia
Manuela Hebrew God is with us
Marcella Latin young warrior
Margaret, Margie, Marjorie English pearl
Margarita Spanish pearl
Margaux, Margot French pearl
Mari, Mary Hebrew sea of bitterness
Maria Latin sea of bitterness
Mariah American sea of bitterness
Marian, Mariana English, Spanish sea of bitterness
Marianne, Marie French sea of bitterness
Maribel Spanish combo of Maria and Isabel
Maribeth American combo of Maria and Elizabeth
Mariel, Marissa English sea of bitterness
Marigold English yellow flower
Marilyn American combo of Mary and Lynn
Marina, Maris Latin of the sea
Marlene German combo of Mary & Magdalene
Marsha American warlike
Martha Hebrew lady
Martina, Martine Latin, French servant of Mars, the god of war
Mathilda, Matilda German, English battle might
Maude French battle might
Maureen Irish sea of bitterness
Maxima, Maxime Latin, French greatest
May English goddess Maia
Maya English a form of May or Maia
Maylin Chinese beautiful jade
Megan Welsh pearl
Melanie Greek black
Melodie French song, melody
Mercedes Spanish merciful
Mercy English compassion
Mia Scandinavian sea of bitterness
Michaela English who is like God?
Michele, Michelle French who is like God?
Midori Japanese green
Mila Slavic people’s favor
Milagros Spanish miracle
Mildred English mild strength
Mina, Minda, Mindy American combo of Mel and Linda
Minerva Latin goddess of wisdom
Miranda Latin Admirable
Miriam Hebrew sea of bitterness
Modesty American without conceit
Moesha American drawn out of the water
Monique French advisor
Mulan Chinese wood orchid
Myra English admirable
Myrna Irish high-spirited
Mystery English unexplained
Nenette Filipino form of Nanette
Nadia, Nadine Slavic, French hope
Nanette French grace
Natalia Italian born on Christmas day
Natalie, Nathalie French born on Christmas day
Natividad Spanish of the nativity
Nelia English horn
Nenet Egyptian goddess of the deep
Nenita Spanish
Nerissa Greek nymph
Nichole American victory of the people
Nicole, Nicolette French victory of the people
Nika Slavic bring victory
Nikita Slavic victory of the people
Nikki, Nikkol American victory of the people
Nisha Sanskrit night
Noemi French beautiful, gentle
Nona Latin ninth
Nora, Norina English honor
Noreen Irish honor
Norma English from the north
Normandy French land of the northern folk
Odessa Greek long journey
Odette French wealth
Odin Scandinavian divine creative inspiration
Olesia Polish holy
Olga Slavic holy
Olive English olive
Olivia English elf army
Olwen Welsh white track
Olympia Greek mountain of the gods
Omana Sanskrit kindness, help
Ona Slavic grace
Onaedo African gold
Oneida native American eagerly awaited
Opal Sanskrit precious gem
Ophelia Greek helper
Oprah Hebrew gazelle
Ora Spanish gold
Orella Italian golden
Oriana Latin golden
Owena Welsh desire born
Page American attendant
Paige American assistant
Palma Spanish palm
Paloma Spanish a dove
Pam, Pamela English all honey
Paniz Persian candy
Panthea Greek all goddess
Paola Italian small
Paprika English spice
Paquita Spanish free
Parisa Persian like a fairy
Parthenia Greek maiden, virgin
Pascale French Easter
Pascha Russian small
Passion American strong desire
Patience English patience
Patrice, Patricia French, English noble
Patsy English noble
Paula Latin small
Paulette, Pauline French small
Paulina Spanish small
Peaches English peaches
Pearl, Pearlie, Pearly English pearl
Pebbles American small stones
Penelope Greek with a web over her face
Penney, Pennie English with a web over her face
Peony Greek flower
Pepper American hot spice
Perlita Spanish small pearls
Perpetua Spanish everlasting
Petra, Petronella Greek, English rock
Petunia English flower
Philomena Greek strong friend
Phoebe Greek bright, shining
Phyliss, Phyllis Greek green leaves
Pia Italian pious
Pieta Latin religious, piety
Pilar Spanish pillar of strength
Pink American light red color, healthy
Pleasance French agreeable
Polly English great sorrow
Portia Latin Roman clan name
Posh English elegant
Precious American precious one
Primrose English flower name
Princess English royal daughter
Priscilla Latin ancient
Prudence English cautious, intelligent
Purity English unsullied, clean
Qacha Mongolian flank
Qamra Arabic the moon
Qi Chinese fine jade
Qiana Arabic singers
Qing Chinese aqua colored
Quanda American slender young tree
Quasar English meteorite
Queenie English queen
Querida Spanish beloved
Questa Latin seeking
Quiana American singers
Quilla English a quill
Quinta Latin fifth
Quintana Spanish from the country house
Quintessa Latin the fifth or form of quintessence
Quynh Vietnamese night blooming flower
Qwara African from an Ethiopian tribe
Rach American ewe
Rachael, Rachel Hebrew ewe
Rachelle, Racquel French ewe
Raina Slavic queen
Raisa Hebrew rose
Raja Sanskrit king
Ramona Spanish counsel protection
Rane English queen
Ranjana Sanskrit entertaining
Raquel Spanish ewe
Rasha Arabic young gazelle
Ratana Thai crystal
Razi Hebrew my secret
Rea English flowing
Rebecca, Rebekka Hebrew snare
Regan Celtic queen
Regina Latin queen
Renata Italian reborn
Renee French reborn
Reya, Reyna Spanish queen
Rhea Greek flowing
Rhoda Greek rose
Rhona Scottish from the rough island
Rita Spanish pearl
Riva Hebrew maiden
Rivera Spanish lives near the river
Roberta English bright fame
Roch French rest
Rochelle French little rock
Roma Italian from Rome
Rona Hebrew song
Ronda English form of Rhonda
Ronni English bring victory
Rosa Latin rose
Rosalie French rose
Rosalind English pretty rose
Rosalyn Spanish little rose
Rosanna English gracious rose
Rosario Spanish rosary
Rose English rose
Rosemarie, Rosemary French, English herb
Rosetta Italian little rose
Rosie English rose flower
Rowena English fame joy
Roxanne English dawn
Roxy American dawn
Ruby English red gemstone
Rufina Italian read haired
Ruth Hebrew friendship
Sampaguita Filipino the Philippine national flower
Sabina Latin Sabine woman
Sada Japanese pure one
Sade African honor brings a crown
Safra Arabic pure
Safara African fire
Sagittarius Latin the archer
Sahara Arabic dawn
Salome Hebrew welcome, peace
Samantha American
Samiya Sanskrit high, elevated
Sandra English defender of men
Sanna Scandinavian lily fower
Sara, Sarah Hebrew princess
Sarina Hebrew princess, one who laughs
Sasha Russian diminutive form of Alexander
Savanna, Savannah Spanish open, plain
Savarna Sanskrit like God
Scarlett English red
Seanna American God is gracious
Season Latin planting and growing
Selina English moon
Serena Latin calm, serene
Serendipity American fateful meeting
Serenity English peaceful disposition
Shaina American God is gracious
Shakila Arabic beautiful
Shakina African beautiful one
Shantell American form of Chantal
Shanti Sanskrit peace, calm
Shari Hebrew a flat clearing
Sharla American diminutive form of Charlotte
Sharlene American free
Sharon, Sharona Hebrew a flat clearing
Shasa African fresh water
Shawdi Persian joy
Sheela Sanskrit modesty, good character
Sheena Scottish God is gracious
Sheila, Shiela Irish heaven
Shell American crustacean covering
Shelley, Shelly English from the sloping field
Sheridan Irish to seek
Sherri, Sherry American darling
Sheva Hebrew oath, promise
Shirley English bright meadow
Shiva Persian beauty
Sibyl Latin seer
Sienna Italian reddish brown
Silvana Latin forest
Simone French to be heard
Socorro Spanish succor, help
Sofia Spanish wisdom
Solana Latin wind form the east
Solidad Spanish solitude
Soleil French sun
Sonia Slavic wisdom
Sonja Scandinavian wisdom
Sonora Spanish pleasant surrounding
Sophia, Sophie Greek, French wisdom
Soraya Arabic rich
Stefanie German crown
Stella Latin star
Stephanie French crown
Sugar American crystal sugar
Sunshine English rays of the sun
Susan Hebrew lily
Susane, Suzanne French lily
Suzette French diminutive form of Susan
Suzy English diminutive form of Susan
Sybil Greek prophetess
Sydney French contraction of St. Denys
Sylvana Latin of the forest
Sylvia Latin forest
Symphony American musical piece for the orchestra
Tala Filipino morning star
Tabitha Hebrew a gazelle
Tahira, Tahirah Arabic pure
Talitha Hebrew maiden, child
Talulah Native American leaping water
Tamal Sanskrit dark tree
Tamar, Tamara Hebrew, Russian palm tree
Tamia Latin chipmunk
Tamika American variation of Tamar
Tamira American a spice or palm tree
Tammy English diminutive form of Tamsin or Tamara
Tanika Sanskrit rope
Tanisha African born on monday
Tanya Russian fairy queen
Tara Irish tower, hillside
Tasha English born on Christmas day
Tatiana Russian fairy queen
Tazanna Native American princess
Tazara Arabic elegance, grace
Tea Spanish gift of God
Telma Italian form of Thelma
Tender American sensitive
Terah American form of Terra or Tara
Teresa Spanish harvester
Terra Italian earth
Terri, Terry English diminutive form of Theresa
Tess, Tessa English harvester
Tho Vietnamese respectful of parents
Thea Greek gift of God
Thelma Greek will
Thema African queen
Theone Greek gift from God
Theresa Greek harvester
Therese French harvester
Thuraya Arabic stars and the planets
Thy Vietnamese poetry
Tia Spanish aunt
Tiara Latin crown
Tiffany English appearance of God
Tisha American joy
Titania Greek land of the giants
Tomoko Japanese intelligent
Tosca Italian from Tuscany, Italy
Tracey, Tracy English from Tracy, France
Trianna American noble, gracious
Tricia Latin noble
Trinidad Spanish Holy Trinity
Trish, Trisha English noble
Trixie English bringer of joy
Ujana African youth
Ula American jewel of the sea
Ulan African first born of twins
Ulani Hawaiian cheerful
Ulla Scandinavian diminutive form of Ulrike
Uma Sanskrit nation
Umay Turkish hope
Umika Sanskrit goddess
Una Irish one
Unity American oneness
Unna German woman
Ura Sanskrit the heart
Urania Greek heavenly
Urbana Italian from the city
Urmi Sanskrit wave
Ursa Latin the bear
Ursula Scandinavian female bear
Uyen Vietnamese
Uzuri African beauty
Valencia Spanish strength, health
Valentina Latin strength, health
Valeria Italian strength
Valerie French strength
Vandana Sanskrit worship
Vanessa English combination of Van and Esther
Vangie Greek messenger of good news
Vanig Armenian maiden of Van
Vanna Cambodian golden color
Varali Sanskrit the moon
Varana Sanskrit selecting choosing
Vea Spanish the way
Vega Arabic stooping eagle
Velika Slavic great
Velvet American soft fabric
Venecia, Venetia Latin Venice
Venice Italian the city of Venice
Ventana Spanish window
Ventura Spanish good fortune
Venus Greek goddess of love
Vera Russian faith
Verda, Verdad Spanish truth
Verdi Italian green
Verona Italian truth
Veronica, Veronique Greek, French bring victory
Vianca American fair skinned, white
Vicky, Victoria English, Latin winner, conqueror
Vida Latin life
Vienna Latin from wine country
Vina Spanish from the vineyard
Viola Italian violet
Violet French purple-blue flower
Virika Sanskrit brave one
Viva Latin full of life
Viveca German war
Vivi, Vivian Latin alive
Viviana Italian alive
Vivien, Vivienne French alive
Vyomini Sanskrit divine
Vyra American truth
Wakanda Native American possesses magical powers
Walda German ruler
Wanda Polish a slender young tree
Waseemah Arabic beautiful
Wattan Japanese from the homeland
Wauna Native American singing snow goose
Wendy English friend
Whisper American speak softly
Wilda German untamed, wild
Wilhelmina German strong willed warrior
Wilma American short form of Wilhelmina
Wilona American combination of Will and Leona
Wind American moving air
Winnie English diminutive form of Winifred
Winona Native American first born
Winter American the winter season
Wynona Native American first born
Xantara American protector of the earth
Xaria American a form of Zaria
Xaviera Spanish the new house
Xena, Xenia Greek hospitable
Xexilia Spanish blind of self beauty
Xiang Chinese fragrant
Ximena Spanish hearkening
Xiomara Spanish ready for battle
Xiu Chinese elegant, beautiful
Xolani African please forgive
Xue Chinese snow
Xue Fang Chinese fragrant snow
Xuxa Portuguese queen
Xylia Greek from the forest
Yachi Japanese eight thousand
Yael Hebrew mountain goat
Yamka Native American budding flower
Yana Hebrew he answers
Yancy American
Yasmin Persian jasmine
Yelena Portuguese form of Helen
Yessica Spanish God beholds
Yetta, Yettie American short form of Henrietta
Yoland French violet flower
Yolanda Spanish violet flower
Yori Japanese reliable
Yoshe Japanese beauty
Yoshi, Yoshino Japanese good, respectful
Yoshiko Japanese good child
Yovela Hebrew jubilee
Yvette, Yvonne French Yew
Zabby English God is my oath
Zabel Spanish God is my oath
Zabrina American Latin for the river Severn, England
Zara English princess
Zarina Arabic golden
Zarita Spanish princess
Zeena African beautiful
Zinna Latin rayed flower
Zoe, Zoey, Zoie Greek life
Zofia Polish wisdom
Zorina Slavic golden
Zweena African beautiful

Most common Filipino baby names for girls

  1. Angel
  2. Angelica
  3. Nicole
  4. Angela
  5. Mary Joy
  6. Mariel
  7. Jasmine
  8. Mary Grace
  9. Kimberly
  10. Stephanie
  11. Christine
  12. Michelle
  13. Jessa Mae
  14. Jenny
  15. Angeline
  16. Erica
  17. Bea
  18. Janelle
  19. Kyla
  20. Althea